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K so I drank a VENTI white chocolate mocha frappuccino today at 7PM!! Yeah Yeah I know...what were u thinking. Bleck! Ok ok so now I'm up late w/ heartburn and too much on my mind. Just thought I'd share this AMAZING pattern  (idea) that I thought might save you mommies some mula $$ CHACHING! $$ Especially if you are a mommy of a toddler who goes to the potty at the very last minute and has accidents if his pants are too difficult to take off right before he goes potty....well that's me and I found this awesome awesome site that shows you how to make some little drawstring pants out of old t-shirts or sweaters! WOW! I am so trying this tomorrow and my son is SO wearing them. They work great too as a back-up pair to throw in your bag or to sew up if you are lost in a jungle with no extra clothes for your child (I don't know why you would be in the jungle with your's late and there is too much caffeine in this body...) Anywho.... yeah these just caught my attention tonight because my son had an accident in our toddler class tonight at church...poor guy. But he's ok and I found a backup pair of pants in my car. Phew! I am making a load of these for my cutie...
Here's the site if you are interested!!!! Tell me what you think? Will anyone one else be giving this kiddo pants a try?

Rookie <----that's me and that's why i made this blog site so i can LEARN---so if you have any tips out there ---- =D

Thank you Thank you For helping me in my learning process!!!!

So Here's another little thing I've learned to sew. Wow! Who knew sewing could be so addicting!? I love it! And I am so excited about what I've made. It just feels so much more personal giving someone a gift that you made as opposed to buying one last minute, stuffing it in a bag and rushing on over to the party...well what I am talking about is that I went to a baby shower yesterday (despite the scary road conditions)
On the way home there were 2 cars in the ditch...I'm so glad it wasn't me~~I woulda freaked out!

Anyway, so I crocheted a hat and sewed up a little skirt. The pics I am posting aren't the exact gift but very similar...I later sewed the shirt to go w/ the skirt because the outfit felt so incomplete. I am so excited about all this crafting! I am having so much fun...Here is the pictures of what I made~ Also I am now selling this crocheted hat on ...Check it out if you'd like! I'm so happy that i have finally found something to do with my artistic skills to good use. I am also glad to have found so many other bloggers out there to help me start this wonderful journey...

If you are interested in buying this little newborn beanie head on over to My Etsy Shop =D
Now I'm off to some more free pattern websites for more ideas!

       In these pictures above I found this really neat idea for ribbon flowers. You should really try it...I bet u can't make just
So I put it together with the crocheted baby beanie and I also used to add a little something to the shirt for the baby outfit...
here are a few links for where I got these Ideas from =D Enjoy and let me know what u think I'm just a beginner so i can use a lot of help!!!

The top part of the shirt I got the idea from the Itty bitty baby dress pattern on the Made By Rae blog and I found the crochet pattern here at Crochet N More. And for the ribbon flowers here's your link at the Little Birdie Secrets Blog. Have fun =D Thanks for stopping by!

I've been messing around a bit with Photoshop and here are a couple of pictures I did...I'm new to this program so i just know the basics...but I wanted to post a link on here for some free Photoshop brushes...for all you artsy mommas out there =D



Brush King

Ok guys it's the 15th and I will now announce the winners!! All comments posted after 7am this morning are no longer valid sorry. I wanted to give some more people a chance to enter while I was sleeping =D But now it's time to draw a name... I have used a random number generator....

...and the winner for the Vanessa Ring is.....Faerie Moon Creations!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Now for the second Cd. The winner is...... Samsakara!

Congratulations to you both! I will be emailing you so u can send me your mailing information!
My latest creations...Ok i know I'm just a novice but I'd like to post these up somewhere so that later on when I get better at sewing i can see how far I have know what I mean? Hopefully some of you will enjoy this journey with me. =D Thank you so much!
Here is a purse and a peasant shirt I just recently sewed up...and also I am including the links where I found the patterns...
This purse I took the pattern from is on this site:
Of course it's not exactly the same b/c I did it my own way...but i didn't know how to sew a bag at all. So I just took the basic idea and ran with it...=D

Here is the link for the peasant style blouse....Awesome tutorial by the way thank you to Tess from 
Stop by her site for this downloadable .pdf file of the tutorial... 

I am actually very excited because each of these cost way under $2 to make! If I knew clothes and purses could be so cheap, I would have bought this sewing maching A LONG TIME AGO.

I'm so happy w/ it. I now have to find my signature piece that I can sell. I love art and that's what i want to do!

Yay! I'm So excited. I finally got a sewing machine...Yay!!! And right away I gave it a try. Mind u I am a complete novice at this but here is one of my first projects.
Hee hee....this is Mr. Gato....My son loved it but ok on to what I did next... =D

Ok here it is....I found this pattern for a critter you can make out of a glove. It was the cutest thing. Ok ok so the first one I made came out kinda funky so I'm not gonna post a picture....I'll post my second one. =D Oh yeah and the link for the tutorial is at the bottom of this blog post! Enjoy!

And here he little critter made from a glove. What do you think?? =D
 Next...I made a bunny...or tried to make one haha. The legs were a bit skinny and long but my son loved it...and for now...that's all that next project a PURSE. =D

K So here's where I found it... on Etsy's very own blog!   here's a link to the tutorial...  HERE =D Enjoy!
Well a little bit of backstory here:
My husband was working as a youth pastor in Arizona for a few years before the church was unable to keep us on salary after buying new land and after people started freaking out about the financial crisis and gave less and less...anyway. We ended up moving to Colorado for the job opportunity and possible ministry opportunity. Well we have been here almost 2 years now and haven't really been involved much...

But ministry is still in our hearts....

So this week my husband has been talking to me about one of the students in his class. (Let's just call her Jane)...Jane has a problem with cutting. Her home life is messed up. Her mother is gone and dating all kinds of the wrong people. And her father isn't any help to her self-esteem, makes her feel less of person w/ his words--constantly cutting her down.

So at first my husband told me about her...telling me she has really opened up to him and she gives him really big hugs and he hopes she can find a girl/woman to talk to b/c it's not really appropriate for her to be hugging a guy like would be different if she was closer to our family or something but he just felt kind of like it should be a female in his place. I don't know if this is him trying to tell ME that maybe I could be that person....

So I met her on Sunday. Sweet Beautiful "Jane" --- When my husband was telling me about her on saturday i told him to point her out to me.... My heart went out.

Just last night he gave me the rest of the story...there is a group of about 3-4 girls in his class that all hang out together... One other girl who attempted suicide and Jane who self-mutilates. As my husband told me their story and what he sees in school everyday.... My eyes filled with tears...but I feel so unable---- I never experienced anything like this as a teen. I only heard of it and it was far from me. I don't know how to reach out to these girls. It is SO prevalent today... So here's what I'm asking. I need information. I need YOU to help me---enable me, even if it's just for this small group of girls.
My husband asked me why I named this blog "know how mom"...he said "Isn't that a bit presumptious?" And i answered him by saying that the title wasn't just for me it's for all of those out there who KNOW...have knowledge and want to share. This blog isn't mine alone but urs as well. I know everyone of you have a bit or a lot of knowledge to share with the world. So for now the knowledge I need from you is HOW to help these girls.....

to write love on her arms ....

So i am so excited about this giveaway...not only b/c I get the opportunity to go and see what everyone else has to offer and (cross my fingers) maybe win something. But because I get to meet so many talented people around the world! It's so cool. For all of you participating in One World One Heart's Magic Carpet Ride!! HELLO! From Colorado! =D SO SO SO nice to meet you! I can't wait to find out who wins this beautiful ring. Which by the way (I didn't make---yea i wish!) But I did make the CD =D

I am definetely going to add a second place prize. I am going to give away one of my CDs...I just need to get in that post and edit it. It will be up soon. YAY!

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