So Here's another little thing I've learned to sew. Wow! Who knew sewing could be so addicting!? I love it! And I am so excited about what I've made. It just feels so much more personal giving someone a gift that you made as opposed to buying one last minute, stuffing it in a bag and rushing on over to the party...well what I am talking about is that I went to a baby shower yesterday (despite the scary road conditions)
On the way home there were 2 cars in the ditch...I'm so glad it wasn't me~~I woulda freaked out!

Anyway, so I crocheted a hat and sewed up a little skirt. The pics I am posting aren't the exact gift but very similar...I later sewed the shirt to go w/ the skirt because the outfit felt so incomplete. I am so excited about all this crafting! I am having so much fun...Here is the pictures of what I made~ Also I am now selling this crocheted hat on ...Check it out if you'd like! I'm so happy that i have finally found something to do with my artistic skills to good use. I am also glad to have found so many other bloggers out there to help me start this wonderful journey...

If you are interested in buying this little newborn beanie head on over to My Etsy Shop =D
Now I'm off to some more free pattern websites for more ideas!

       In these pictures above I found this really neat idea for ribbon flowers. You should really try it...I bet u can't make just
So I put it together with the crocheted baby beanie and I also used to add a little something to the shirt for the baby outfit...
here are a few links for where I got these Ideas from =D Enjoy and let me know what u think I'm just a beginner so i can use a lot of help!!!

The top part of the shirt I got the idea from the Itty bitty baby dress pattern on the Made By Rae blog and I found the crochet pattern here at Crochet N More. And for the ribbon flowers here's your link at the Little Birdie Secrets Blog. Have fun =D Thanks for stopping by!

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