Ok maybe I should get off this computer because I just keep finding cute stuff everywhere...=D
I am going to be buying a sewing machine here pretty soon (as soon as I find a good one on craigslist =) I can't wait!!!!) I'm so excited. My TWO sister-in-laws are both pregnant and having their babies close I really really want to buy a sewing machine, since the one I inherited from my grandma got left at my parents house and they accidentally sold it! ='( I'm so sad! So I am on the search for another one....
Well I just wanted to share this blog with you. There is a free pattern for the monkey doll pictured above. SO CUTE!!

Hey there! I am selling my CD. I made it before I went to college... hope you guys like it.
--Here's a funny story:
When I was in college my dad sent me a box of my CD's to sell as I sang in the surrounding churches. Well when I went to pick it up the lady at the mail center told me that she was concerned about what the box said. It said 200 out of 200 CD's Broken. She told me I should probably ask my dad if he had placed insurance on the package. I though to myself; aw man! they are all broken, how am I going to sell these??? So I told the lady bye and I would figure something out. HAHAHA...well as I walked away it finally clicked: HELLO!!! THE NAME OF THE CD IS "BROKEN"...I laughed all the way back to my dorm room after I told the lady about it. WoW---I'm such a dork!

So, Part of this cd is in Spanish and some songs are in English. And there are a couple that are bilingual. There are different styles of music on this CD. I am currently trying to figure out how to get it up on iTunes as well. Look back later because I will be posting a few of the songs so you can preview it. Thank you for buying! It would make a great gift! Thank you guys for supporting me! I only have a boxful of cd's left. So if you are purchasing this CD please leave me a comment!

HI, I am participating in the One World One Heart's Magic Carpet Ride and Giving Away this beautiful Vanessa Ring...
Ok So here are the rules: ( of course u must leave me a way to contact you, otherwise how will I let u know you won?)

(1 entry) for leaving a comment about who u are and what's your favorite icecream =D


Make sure I have a way of contacting you. You will have 48 hours to respond or I will move on to the next name...

This giveaway will end 2/15/10 =D

PS--sorry i had originally posted that it was USA only before I found the OWOH carpet ride event. This IS available worldwide...sorry about the confusion!!! =(

I am adding a Second place Prize---Woohoo. I got so excited about giving one thing away, I'm gonna give away a second gift.


Music CD "Broken/Toma mi Mano"
For more info on this CD see the blog above this one =) Can't wait to see who wins!

Aww such cute stuff ladies....check out this site---

Baby Blvd

They are giving away a $20 gift certificate toward their REALLY REALLY cute products!

As a mommy who loves to craft herself, but hasn't quite gotten her work out in the world yet...I'd like to say go check it out!!! RIGHT now... 1/31 is the last day!

Thanks gals!

Ok so the other night my family and I were sitting at the table and my husband and I were having a conversation. It went something like this.

Me: "So babe, how was your day at work?"

Babe: "It was good...I need to ---"

Micah: "MOM MOM MOM!!!!"

Babe: "---go to the library---


Me: "Micah, you see mommy & daddy talking? Wait!"

Micah: "But MOM I can eat 3 bites of my food? and I can have a brownie?"

Me: "No sweetie you need to eat all of it. Now, finish your food."......."ok babe, you need to go to the library?"

Babe: "yeah where's the nearest library at?"

Me: "Oh there's one on 23rd past the highway...."

Micah: "MOM, MOM MOM MOM!!!"

Babe: Trying to talk over our 3 year old " I need to check out like 20 books"

Me: "YEAH? We have a fine to pay first though...."


ME: "Eat all your rice at least micah, mommy and daddy are talking, finish your food....all of it"

Babe: "Micah eat all your food---"

----What were we talking about???

Later on that evening on my way to a friends house to pick up something...I sat in my car thinking...'Where did he say he needed to go?' ---I thought and thought for like 5 minutes straight until finally I was like OH YEAH the library! 20 books? Why would he need 20 books? Wow...what a conversation. I don't even remember if he told me why he needed 20 books or not....later when I get home we finish our conversation while the kids are asleep.

Tell me tell me. Does this ever happen to you? The period where your little one is learning that it's not nice to interrupt? Tell me your story. =D

So we are on a 21 day Daniel Fast...the first time I did it It was Hard!! I was pregnant at the time so I was craving sweets left and right the first week. But you know what, after I was done with the fast and went back to my old eating habits---I was seriously craving all those healthy foods!

So here we are again. Eating healthy and I am loving it. I mean you feel so much more energetic. Sure sure it's hard the first week or so but after a while. WOW! So we might not be following the Daniel fast exactly but we've decided to not only do this for 21 days but to make it our new lifestyle.

And there's nothing better than your children asking for blueberries or oranges or wheat crackers...instead of all that junk out there. Chips, cookies, sweets...etc etc. We have switched our ground beef to ground turkey. Whole wheats instead of enriched flours. Less cheese, milk, and starches... Lots of fruits and veggies and more natural whole foods.

I encourage you. Eat healthy. Eat breakfast, exercise more. Feel Great! Do something for yourself moms...and help your children live right!

Here's more info on the Daniel fast: ( just some of the recipes and there are links in there about what the Daniel Fast is....It doesn't have to be a on going spiritual thing but I personally think God likes us to be healthy =D)

Daphne Brogden @
Her Vlog is so funny. (and sometimes serious)
I love to watch her vlogs and her new baby Rex is Ador-a-ble!!! Go check her out right now! Congratulations DAPHNE BROGDEN for your Funniest Mom Blog Award. You Rock!
Are you always looking for some time to sit down and read that latest book from the library, or watch a special program on TV? If so, here are a few hints to help you arrange that time.

1. When preparing your meals, clean up as you go, washing by hand or putting appropriate items right into the dishwasher. Put away ingredients that need to be stored in the refrigerator or pantry immediately after you use them.

2. Take out your clothes the night before work or school. This way you don't waste valuable time in the morning looking for the right thing to wear. If you can, choose the entire week's worth of clothes for the little ones who can dress themselves or have them choose. No more morning arguments over what to wear.

3. Fill up your gas tank when it hits the quarter of a tank level. In case of a delay in traffic, you won't have to worry about running out of gasoline.

4. Have a routine each week for the days you do errands and shopping. It will save you gasoline since you won't have to keep running out for forgotten items. A shopping list is a MUST, and bring coupons if you use them.

5. Put the perishable groceries in the refrigerator right away directly out of the grocery bags, rather than placing them on the counter first. Wash and cut fruits and veggies before putting them away. Enlist the kids to put away the canned goods.

6. Cook some meats ahead of time and store in the freezer. For those nights you are too busy to start from scratch, this will help you get dinner on the table in a jiffy.

7. Pick a regular day each week to do your bills or any desk-related items. If you don't have bills that week, work on your budget or bank statement. With debit cards , and a few people in the family using them, just a bit of disorganization can lead to overdrafts. Avoid this at all costs.

8. If you are comfortable having bills paid online, sign up for this service. Mark your calendar on what particular day the bills will be paid so you can keep track of what's happening.

9. When making appointments, mark your calendar right away--along with any necessary contact information. If something changes or you have questions, you'll have the information you need to call right there with the date and time of the appointment.

10. Have the family work on planning the weekly agenda, so that there is no one left in the rain waiting for a ride. Try and arrange car pools with other family members and friends whenever possible.

11. Have colors for each family member for towels, toothbrushes, hair care items and more. It can save a lot of time and prevent confusion. Even match the hampers and baskets if possible.

12. Have a place for tote bags and items that are needed every day for various classes and activities, and fill these bags with needed items so you can just 'grab and go.' For example:

Library Bag: When books are read, everyone places the books back into this bag and you can just grab it and take it with you to return.

Dancing school/and or Music lessons Bag: Include all the costumes, shoes, tights, socks, books, instruments, music and other necessities.

Overnight Bag: Inside, store an extra toothbrush and underwear, pjs, small toiletries, a travel hair dryer, an extra hair brush, slippers, a wrinkle-free outfit for the next day and socks. Do this for the kids too, so if grandma or grandpa are missing your little ones they can be ready in no time.

If you do some or all of these items you will be finding that extra time to do the things you enjoy. You will also feel like you are more in control.