It's such a wonderful thing to see your children being loved by your family. They get to feel loved from all of their aunts and uncles and grandparents. I mean I know I love them with all my heart but it is an awesome thing for them to be able to sit in auntie's lap while she reads them a book or throw a ball around with uncle. It's just extra lovin'. Not only that but it's beneficial for me. I don't know if all of you mom's can relate, but it can be a very stressful thing to constantly be worrying about your children and the burden be solely on you. I mean don't get me wrong, daddy helps, but even then you get these horrible images in your head of things that could possibly go wrong. You see your child with a pencil and you're mind goes straight to what would happen if they were to fall down with that pencil in their hand. Grrr it's so nervewrecking, it helps to have other people around and lend an extra eye and an extra hand.

Don't ever take family for granted, whether they are related by birth or by law, cherish them because they are a very important part of your child's life.

Ha ha, you never thought you'd hear someone say that huh? Well, yup I said it. I love my in-laws...they are so fun. I am looking forward to going and spending a whole week with them. Although I think a week is not enough. I need FAMILY. It's been about 7 months since I moved away from family and I hate it. I hate not being close to the people who love my kids SO much. I truly believe that that is something so important in my boys' life. They need that love, that constant love. Not only that, but I need them in my life too. I need adults in my life who can actually stimulate my MIND. I have found that after spending a week, sick in my apartment, STUCK in my apartment, with two children under's not very good for stimulating the mind and can leave one cranky and on-edge. Well, that is why I SO VERY MUCH look forward to spending the week with my sister-in-law. She has become a very close friend and I only wished I lived closer, but well that is another topic: "Getting out of this Cow-Town" written by Jennifer Rosado. Well, I have to go now I am missing this episode of Blue's Clues! (Not really.)

Wow. I love homemade food. Eating out is great and fast food is so convenient, but there's nothing like making your own tortillas or bread. It leaves you feeling so accomplished. I like to make my kids homemade pancakes. They love them. Here's my recipe for all you mommies out there. Kids love helping too!

Preheat Griddle or pan to Med-Med High

-1 cup Flour
-2 tbs Sugar
-2 tbs Baking Powder
-1/3 tsp salt
-1 tsp oil
-2 Eggs
-1 cup Milk
-1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Mix all dry ingredients first, and in seperate bowl mix the wet ingredients. Combine them and mix well. Pour over hot griddle to make several dollar sized pancakes or regular sized. It's totally up to you. Hope you enjoy~!
Geez, I hate being sick. It's really not fun! Duh. I want to spend so much more time with my kids and now mine and their schedule is all out of whack. I need to regain my energy, and sanity. I have sever cabin fever and I am looking forward to a week with my in-laws. They are so FUN. All I could daydream of today was "if I were rich, I'd create jobs for people and hire me a nanny and a personal chef." I also would start a daycare so I can take in a couple more kids under my wing and they could join us in our craft time, playtime, songtime, dancetime, you name it. I would hire people there too and make it a really quality facility. I have so many plans and little or no resource, I guess all I can do for now is keep on daydreaming that publisher's clearing house will come a-knockin' at my door. :-)

Times like this I wish I were back living near my mom. She would always come to the rescue in these times of great need. Well, I guess it's time to grow up and learn that sometimes we gotta do it on our own. But boy, I'd give anything for a nanny right now or well just my mother will do fine, cause she loves me. I would be in bed right now, resting off this ugly sore throat (Which by the way, the doctor said all I can do is manage my pain with tylenol and Motrin). GRRR. I'd be eating some warm soup my mom makes, mmm chicken stew...and the kids would be in the next room (I love them w/ all my heart, but when I'm feeling sick I need some space) so they don't get sick too. So far they haven't gotten sick. I've taken all the precautions. I've cooked food after scrubbing my hands, like a surgeon would before surgery, after every cough. I have not shared any food or utensils with them and I have not kissed them (much). Well not enough for the germs to spread. Anyway, life is horrible when you are sick and for now, even though I wish MY world would stop it hasn't. My kid's world has stopped for now though and I feel so bad, poor babies. What would you do in an event like this one?
So ok, all you mommy bloggers out there. I just read this article about how blogging is so "2004" and the new thing we should all do is just stick with our 'twitter'-ing or whatever you would call it, and facebook. Wow. How ridiculous. Obviously this was written by some guy who doesn't care much about anyone else's full opinion, but only what can fit into the whole 140 character limit. Well, all I have to say is that if you have come by this article, in Wired magazine by the way, do not be discouraged bloggers! Do not stop blogging because I know there are many more like me out there who sometimes like to hear another person's story and connect someway with them through their blog.

I am new to blogging and I am not on here to make money but to use this site as a resource to all my fellow mommies, to share things I have come across in my free time and to post all those resources here for everyone to share. Thank you.

Wow, how amazing. Well my baby is kinda past this whole baby foods stage, but wow. So you fill this thing up with baby food and when you squeeze it out comes the baby food! Isn't it neat? You don't have to do the whole wipe-the-spoon-on-the-jar routine anymore, how awesome is that. I think it is like $8.00 or so US.

Here's a link to their website:

Boon Inc.

So I found this article at babycenter because my little one is just not eating the way I'd like him to. He only likes certain foods and refuses anything new. I hope you find this article as helpful as I have. ~Jen

"Why is my toddler such a picky eater?
Eating solid food is still a new experience for your toddler. He may need time to get used to the various textures, colors, and tastes of new food. And because young children crave consistency and familiarity (from bedtime routines to afternoon snacks), most of them won't try new foods until you've served them numerous times.That said, this is a great time to teach your child to try new things, before he gets too set in his ways and before he begins to reject new foods as a way of asserting his independence (a distinct possibility as he nears his second birthday!). Offer a variety of healthy foods often, so he has the opportunity to dig in when he's ready — if not at lunch, then maybe during an afternoon snack.

Tips for introducing new foods to a picky eater
Your child has an innate sense of how much food his body needs to grow and be healthy, and it's up to him to decide what he's going to eat. The best thing you can do is to provide a wide variety of healthful foods in a positive, relaxed environment so that mealtimes will be enjoyable for everyone.

Here are some specific tips on how to handle a picky eater:

• Serve a variety of good foods for your toddler to eat at each meal. When you do offer a new food, simply place it on your child's highchair tray without making a a big deal about it. Make sure the food you choose is age-appropriate.

• Introduce new foods one at a time and in small amounts. Instead of offering an entire meal of unfamiliar foods, for example, offer standard fare or favorites along with something new. Always offer a meal that includes at least one thing you know your toddler likes. And try to schedule a new food when you know your child is hungry — a snack of mango slices when he has the afternoon munchies, for example.

• Use toddler-size portions. A serving of bread for a 1-year-old is only 1/4 slice, and a serving of rice, potatoes, or pasta is only about 2 tablespoons — much smaller than an adult serving size.

• Understand that some children's palates are more sensitive than others' and they simply won't like the texture, color, or taste of some foods. That's why a child might claim to dislike a food he has never even tried. Likewise, some children may reject a food because it reminds them of a time when they were sick, or because they have some other negative association with it.

• Look for ways to boost the nutritional value of the dishes your toddler enjoys. Add some wheat germ or tuna to his macaroni casserole and little chunks of fruit to his favorite cereal, for example.

• Resist the urge to offer sugary foods in an effort to get your toddler to eat more. You want to develop his sense of culinary adventure, not his sweet tooth!

• Minimize distractions at the table. If a sibling is running around nearby, or a cartoon beckons from across the room, your toddler may have trouble maintaining interest in the food being served. Try to make meals relaxed and quiet.

How can I get my toddler to eat a wider variety of foods?
It's not realistic to expect a toddler to embrace a wide range of foods. In the long run, the example you set by serving and enjoying all sorts of healthy foods — at home and on the go — is one of the best ways to help your child learn to eat well. But for now, your toddler's decision to eat only a few things is his choice, and it's important to let him learn to make his own decisions about food from the get-go."A child needs to be in control of what he eats," says Nancy Hudson, a registered dietitian at the University of California, Berkeley. That's because forcing a toddler to eat a food he doesn't like or a quantity he can't handle may set him up for problems later on: Children who are never allowed to make food decisions themselves (such as deciding when they're full) are at a greater risk for developing eating disorders or becoming obese later in life. What's more, your strategy will almost always backfire because forcing your toddler to try new foods will only make him more stubborn and less open to trying new things in the future.If your toddler seems to be eating nothing but cheese and crackers for days on end, don't worry. Start keeping a record of what your toddler eats and you'll probably find that he's hitting all the major food groups and getting the necessary nutrients over the course of a week. Studies from the American Dietetic Association show that children — even those whose parents consider them "picky eaters" — generally consume a wide enough variety of foods to meet their nutritional requirements. If you really don't think your toddler is eating well, ask your doctor whether it makes sense to give him a daily multivitamin.

How can I tell whether my child is really getting enough to eat if he's not growing?
Don't panic if it seems like your toddler isn't growing fast enough. Children don't always grow at a steady pace and there will be times when your child doesn't seem to be growing at all. Your toddler won't grow at nearly the same rate as he did in his first year of life. Keep in touch with your doctor if you're concerned about your child's weight gain, but don't convey your concerns to your child. If you're constantly hovering at mealtime, or wheedling, cajoling, and counting calories, he's likely to become even more resistant to eating."

~BabyCenter LLC

Well, here I am starting on my new blog. I wanted to make this site because I have had so many people tell me that I should write all my tips down for other parents. You learn so much about kids, and life as a mommy. I would like to use this blog to compile a place for mom's to come for advice or just get tips, or find other sites, through me. I may not have every answer but I am really good at researching! So if you have a question...leave me a comment. I know some mommy's don't have time for research or don't even know the right words to look up. I am here to help! Check out all the links and if you have time to read a little bit, check out my personal blog listed at the right! Have fun browsing! Mommy to two little boys... ~Jen