Ha ha, you never thought you'd hear someone say that huh? Well, yup I said it. I love my in-laws...they are so fun. I am looking forward to going and spending a whole week with them. Although I think a week is not enough. I need FAMILY. It's been about 7 months since I moved away from family and I hate it. I hate not being close to the people who love my kids SO much. I truly believe that that is something so important in my boys' life. They need that love, that constant love. Not only that, but I need them in my life too. I need adults in my life who can actually stimulate my MIND. I have found that after spending a week, sick in my apartment, STUCK in my apartment, with two children under 3...it's not very good for stimulating the mind and can leave one cranky and on-edge. Well, that is why I SO VERY MUCH look forward to spending the week with my sister-in-law. She has become a very close friend and I only wished I lived closer, but well that is another topic: "Getting out of this Cow-Town" written by Jennifer Rosado. Well, I have to go now I am missing this episode of Blue's Clues! (Not really.)
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