Geez, I hate being sick. It's really not fun! Duh. I want to spend so much more time with my kids and now mine and their schedule is all out of whack. I need to regain my energy, and sanity. I have sever cabin fever and I am looking forward to a week with my in-laws. They are so FUN. All I could daydream of today was "if I were rich, I'd create jobs for people and hire me a nanny and a personal chef." I also would start a daycare so I can take in a couple more kids under my wing and they could join us in our craft time, playtime, songtime, dancetime, you name it. I would hire people there too and make it a really quality facility. I have so many plans and little or no resource, I guess all I can do for now is keep on daydreaming that publisher's clearing house will come a-knockin' at my door. :-)
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