Times like this I wish I were back living near my mom. She would always come to the rescue in these times of great need. Well, I guess it's time to grow up and learn that sometimes we gotta do it on our own. But boy, I'd give anything for a nanny right now or well just my mother will do fine, cause she loves me. I would be in bed right now, resting off this ugly sore throat (Which by the way, the doctor said all I can do is manage my pain with tylenol and Motrin). GRRR. I'd be eating some warm soup my mom makes, mmm chicken stew...and the kids would be in the next room (I love them w/ all my heart, but when I'm feeling sick I need some space) so they don't get sick too. So far they haven't gotten sick. I've taken all the precautions. I've cooked food after scrubbing my hands, like a surgeon would before surgery, after every cough. I have not shared any food or utensils with them and I have not kissed them (much). Well not enough for the germs to spread. Anyway, life is horrible when you are sick and for now, even though I wish MY world would stop it hasn't. My kid's world has stopped for now though and I feel so bad, poor babies. What would you do in an event like this one?
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