Hey there! I am selling my CD. I made it before I went to college... hope you guys like it.
--Here's a funny story:
When I was in college my dad sent me a box of my CD's to sell as I sang in the surrounding churches. Well when I went to pick it up the lady at the mail center told me that she was concerned about what the box said. It said 200 out of 200 CD's Broken. She told me I should probably ask my dad if he had placed insurance on the package. I though to myself; aw man! they are all broken, how am I going to sell these??? So I told the lady bye and I would figure something out. HAHAHA...well as I walked away it finally clicked: HELLO!!! THE NAME OF THE CD IS "BROKEN"...I laughed all the way back to my dorm room after I told the lady about it. WoW---I'm such a dork!

So, Part of this cd is in Spanish and some songs are in English. And there are a couple that are bilingual. There are different styles of music on this CD. I am currently trying to figure out how to get it up on iTunes as well. Look back later because I will be posting a few of the songs so you can preview it. Thank you for buying! It would make a great gift! Thank you guys for supporting me! I only have a boxful of cd's left. So if you are purchasing this CD please leave me a comment!

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