Ok maybe I should get off this computer because I just keep finding cute stuff everywhere...=D
I am going to be buying a sewing machine here pretty soon (as soon as I find a good one on craigslist =) I can't wait!!!!) I'm so excited. My TWO sister-in-laws are both pregnant and having their babies close I really really want to buy a sewing machine, since the one I inherited from my grandma got left at my parents house and they accidentally sold it! ='( I'm so sad! So I am on the search for another one....
Well I just wanted to share this blog with you. There is a free pattern for the monkey doll pictured above. SO CUTE!!

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  1. Ketutar Says:

    About your OWOH participation... Lisa says very clearly on the page: "KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL EVENT.....therefore you must be willing to ship globally should your winner be from out of the country. IF you feel that you cannot ship out of your country you may not want to participate."

  2. Jen Says:

    thank u i forgot to take it off from before...

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