So we are on a 21 day Daniel Fast...the first time I did it It was Hard!! I was pregnant at the time so I was craving sweets left and right the first week. But you know what, after I was done with the fast and went back to my old eating habits---I was seriously craving all those healthy foods!

So here we are again. Eating healthy and I am loving it. I mean you feel so much more energetic. Sure sure it's hard the first week or so but after a while. WOW! So we might not be following the Daniel fast exactly but we've decided to not only do this for 21 days but to make it our new lifestyle.

And there's nothing better than your children asking for blueberries or oranges or wheat crackers...instead of all that junk out there. Chips, cookies, sweets...etc etc. We have switched our ground beef to ground turkey. Whole wheats instead of enriched flours. Less cheese, milk, and starches... Lots of fruits and veggies and more natural whole foods.

I encourage you. Eat healthy. Eat breakfast, exercise more. Feel Great! Do something for yourself moms...and help your children live right!

Here's more info on the Daniel fast: ( just some of the recipes and there are links in there about what the Daniel Fast is....It doesn't have to be a on going spiritual thing but I personally think God likes us to be healthy =D)

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