K so I drank a VENTI white chocolate mocha frappuccino today at 7PM!! Yeah Yeah I know...what were u thinking. Bleck! Ok ok so now I'm up late w/ heartburn and too much on my mind. Just thought I'd share this AMAZING pattern  (idea) that I thought might save you mommies some mula $$ CHACHING! $$ Especially if you are a mommy of a toddler who goes to the potty at the very last minute and has accidents if his pants are too difficult to take off right before he goes potty....well that's me and I found this awesome awesome site that shows you how to make some little drawstring pants out of old t-shirts or sweaters! WOW! I am so trying this tomorrow and my son is SO wearing them. They work great too as a back-up pair to throw in your bag or to sew up if you are lost in a jungle with no extra clothes for your child (I don't know why you would be in the jungle with your child...it's late and there is too much caffeine in this body...) Anywho.... yeah these just caught my attention tonight because my son had an accident in our toddler class tonight at church...poor guy. But he's ok and I found a backup pair of pants in my car. Phew! I am making a load of these for my cutie...
Here's the site if you are interested!!!! Tell me what you think? Will anyone one else be giving this kiddo pants a try?

Rookie Moms.com <----that's me and that's why i made this blog site so i can LEARN---so if you have any tips out there ---- =D

Thank you Thank you Rookiemoms.com For helping me in my learning process!!!!

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