Yay! I'm So excited. I finally got a sewing machine...Yay!!! And right away I gave it a try. Mind u I am a complete novice at this but here is one of my first projects.
Hee hee....this is Mr. Gato....My son loved it but ok on to what I did next... =D

Ok here it is....I found this pattern for a critter you can make out of a glove. It was the cutest thing. Ok ok so the first one I made came out kinda funky so I'm not gonna post a picture....I'll post my second one. =D Oh yeah and the link for the tutorial is at the bottom of this blog post! Enjoy!

And here he is....my little critter made from a glove. What do you think?? =D
 Next...I made a bunny...or tried to make one haha. The legs were a bit skinny and long but my son loved it...and for now...that's all that matters....my next project a PURSE. =D

K So here's where I found it... on Etsy's very own blog!   here's a link to the tutorial...  HERE =D Enjoy!
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  1. Sharon MLS Says:

    Cute as can be! Congrats on getting that sewing machine!

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