Ok this is NOT a post about how my kids got food on my computer...LOL
No actually it is to let you all know that there is software out there to make your computer more kid-user friendly and it is pretty neat. It is for kids 3+ and it is so COOL!
If any of you Try it or buy it...let me know what you think!


I'd really like to know if this is something worth buying for my kids. Thanks!
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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I've been using Peanut Butter PC for a couple years now and love it. I've even been able to speak directly with company's president regarding feature requests.

    The software is a really great environment for my kids. It's family oriented and wholesome. I've never had a worry about letting a 2 year-old interact with it all by his or her lonesome.

    I give this software 5/5 stars!


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