So today I was standing in the kitchen about to make lunch for my two little boys and a little one I care for in my home. I was standing there with the fridge open, trying to think up something creative, when my two year old (getting the cue from the open fridge) sits at the table and says, "Mom, i want grilled cheese!" WELL OK! Good choice. Thank you sweetie for the good idea. So there I am grillin' some cheese...when my son then says..."Mom, I want dinosaur grilled cheese!" Wow, how inventive, it didn't even cross my mind to cut it into the dinosaur shapes I usually use for PB&J sandwiches...and at his request that's what the boys had today and they gobbled them all up! I really recommend cookie cutters and sandwich cutters for your food...they help to get your kids to eat and have fun at the same time...."Mom, I bit the dinosaurs head" (giggles) So fun!

Here's a site, I bought my dinosaur sandwich cutter @ Walmart. Thnx for reading.
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