Ok, so yes, this is the day My Jesus resurrected from the dead...thank you Lord, and I'm not trying to bypass that with this topic, but since this blog is about my children and about being a mommy, I'd really like to address this issue.

Does it seem like this is another holiday, that just as much as halloween, revolves around everything sweet? I was so excited this year about being able to buy some "peeps" for my little ones b/c they are so cute and so yummy. So I went out and bought them and to my surprise it said "Sugar-Free" I bought them and didn't think anything about it, I was actually excited that they wouldn't give my boys a sugar high. I was excited when I handed them to my boys, and when they gobbled them up with a huge smile on their faces. Well, that was, until their mouths were a bright yellow. My husband just says, "After these candies, they're all yours!" Ha ha, I just said, "It's ok, look they are sugar-free!" I pointed to the box and it read MADE WITH SPLENDA....hmmmm. Then a thought flashed in my brain. What the heck is splenda made of if it isn't sugar?
So I got online and checked it out. Come to find out, it's pretty scary what is in this stuff. I mean I think I would rather have my kids eat regular sugar then brush with some anti-cavity stuff, than to risk being hurt by the chemicals that enter their bodies. I mean, sugar is natural, Splenda is NOT. Here's a quote from Dr. Janet Starr Hull of Alternative Health and Nutrition:
"Splenda (made from sucralose) is created in the lab using a complex process involving dozens of chemicals you and I can barely pronounce - let alone consume. Basically, the chemists force chlorine into an unnatural chemical bond with a sugar molecule, resulting in a sweeter product, but at a price: a huge amount of artificial chemicals must be added to keep sucralose from digesting in our bodies. These toxic substances also prevent (hopefully) the dangerous chlorine molecules from detaching from the sugar molecule inside the digestive system, which would be a carcinogenic hazard."
Hmmmm. What is the price for dental sealants for our children...something I definetly need to look into. More on sweets later, that chocolate bunny is staring at me and saying, "Eat me, Eat me!"
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